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Roof Coliving works with the dream of sustainable and just designed common living spaces for the voices of inhabitants to be heard through placemaking approaches.

It redesigns the common spaces with participatory methods according to the values of the community. With these spaces, it aims to create a new culture of coexistence and a common life through “space”.

what we do?


Designing for just futures.

We create environments where everyone, regardless of background or identity, can thrive and feel a sense of community.


Creating and transforming just places/spaces.

We create and transform places and spaces in a manner that promotes justice and equity. This involves not only designing new places/spaces but also revitalizing existing ones to better serve the needs of the community, with the community.


Embracing participatory methods in our work. 

We prioritize the use of participatory methods in our work, which involves actively involving residents, stakeholders, and communities in the design and decision-making processes. We believe in empowering individuals to have a voice in shaping the spaces they inhabit and fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration.


We recognize the importance of collective impact and community-led initiatives in driving just transition. We are working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to address complex societal challenges and create meaningful social impact. We acknowledge the value of collective action and grassroots involvement in creating sustainable and equitable communities.

Believing collective impact and community-led approach


Our Projects


Çarşı Pazar

What if we redesign public markets to contribute to the resilience of the city?

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